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Expert Dallas, TX Mortgage Lender: Total Lending Concepts

Whether you are first time home buyer, purchasing your dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan, or consolidating debt, our highly experienced team of mortgage bankers can help make your dreams come true.

Dallas, Texas Mortgage Lender

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life, and securing a mortgage can be an overwhelming process. That’s why it’s important to choose a trusted lender who understands your needs and can help guide you through the process. Total Lending Concepts is a top-rated Dallas TX mortgage lender that offers a wide range of loan options for both purchases and refinancing. But what makes us stand out? Our reputation and trust in Dallas, verified licensing, professionalism, and commitment to customer service are just a few reasons why we’re the right choice for you. In this blog post, we’ll dive into our various loan options for purchase and refinancing, as well as our dedication to timeliness and customer satisfaction. Let’s get started on your journey towards homeownership with Total Lending Concepts!


Why Choose Total Lending Concepts?

Looking for a trusted Dallas TX mortgage lender? Choose Total Lending Concepts! Our experienced team will guide you through the home loan process, offering competitive rates and excellent customer service. With a wide range of loan programs, we have options to suit your financial goals. Trust us with your home loan needs.

Reputation and Trust in Dallas, TX

At Total Lending Concepts, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted mortgage lender in the Dallas, TX area. Our satisfied customers rely on us for the best mortgage loan options, and we have a proven track record of helping home buyers achieve their dreams of homeownership. Choose Total Lending Concepts, the mortgage lender that the Dallas, TX community trusts.

Verified Licensing

When it comes to choosing a mortgage lender, one of the most important factors to consider is verified licensing. At Total Lending Concepts, we are proud to be fully licensed, ensuring that we meet all the necessary requirements to operate as a reputable mortgage lender. Our licensing demonstrates our commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards, giving you peace of mind throughout the home loan process. Trust Total Lending Concepts, the mortgage lender with verified licensing.

The Professionalism of Total Lending Concepts

At Total Lending Concepts, professionalism is our priority. Our experienced and dedicated team of mortgage lenders is committed to providing you with the highest level of service. We understand the importance of professionalism in the mortgage loan process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience from start to finish. Trust Total Lending Concepts for exceptional service throughout your home loan journey.

Meet The Team

Total Lending Concepts I Dallas, TX

Our team of professionals brings years of experience to every unique home buying situation.

Aria Rafiee

Aria Rafiee

Co-Branch Manager
Dallas, TX
NMLS#: 1475548

Blake Albertson

Senior Loan Officer
Dallas, TX
NMLS#: 2070661

Michael Jungen

Co-Branch Manager
Dallas, TX
NMLS#: 398838
Rory Dunham

Rory Dunham

Chief Operating Officer
Dallas, TX
NMLS#: 1098856
Dallas, TX

Feel free to send us a message or give us a call. Our team is ready to assist you.

Office Location

16175 Addison Rd
Addison, TX 75001

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Our Mortgage Loan Options for Purchase

At Total Lending Concepts, we offer a range of mortgage loan options customized to meet your specific home purchase needs. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, our programs include conventional loans, jumbo loans, FHA loans, VA loans, and USDA loans. We’ll work closely with you to understand your financial goals and help you find the best mortgage loan program. Trust Total Lending Concepts for the options you need to purchase your dream home.

Understanding Fixed Rate Mortgages

A fixed-rate mortgage offers the stability of a consistent interest rate throughout the loan term. Your monthly mortgage payments remain the same, providing financial predictability. Total Lending Concepts can help you understand the benefits and determine if it’s right for you. Trust the mortgage lender that specializes in fixed rate mortgages.

Advantages of FHA Loans

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, FHA loans offer a low down payment option, making homeownership more accessible. Trust Total Lending Concepts to navigate the FHA loan process, ensuring you take advantage of competitive rates, flexible credit requirements, and assistance programs. Achieve your dream of homeownership with us.

Benefits of VA Loans

If you’re a veteran, a service member, or part of a military family, VA loans offer unique benefits. At Total Lending Concepts, we specialize in VA loans and can help you navigate the mortgage process. With a VA loan, you may be eligible for competitive rates, no down payment, and no private mortgage insurance. Trust us to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. Explore the advantages of VA loans with Total Lending Concepts, your trusted mortgage lender.

Exploring Rehab Loans

Thinking of renovating your dream home? Total Lending Concepts is here to help. Our rehab loans provide financing for home improvements or repairs, tailoring the loan program to suit your needs. With us, you can purchase a home and finance the cost of renovations in one convenient loan. Trust our experience in rehab loans to make your home improvement goals a reality. Discover the possibilities with Total Lending Concepts.

USDA Loans: What You Need to Know

Considering buying a home in a rural or suburban area? USDA loans can help you achieve homeownership. Total Lending Concepts specializes in guiding you through the USDA loan process, offering competitive rates and 100% financing with no down payment. Trust us to assist you in taking advantage of this government-backed program. Explore the benefits of USDA loans with Total Lending Concepts today!

Jumbo Loans for Larger Home Purchases

Looking to secure a loan for a high-value home purchase? Take advantage of competitive rates for jumbo loans and easily navigate the mortgage process with our experienced team. Get the financial support you need to purchase your dream home and expand your real estate options with our jumbo loan programs.

First Time Homebuyer Loans – A Helping Hand

When it comes to buying your first home, we understand that the process can be overwhelming. That’s why our team at Total Lending Concepts is here to offer you a helping hand. With our first-time homebuyer loans, we simplify the home buying process and provide guidance and support every step of the way. We offer loan programs tailored specifically to first-time homebuyers, ensuring that your first home purchase is a smooth and rewarding experience. Plus, with competitive interest rates and a variety of loan options, we make it easy for you to achieve your dream of homeownership.

Low Down Payment Options for Budget Buyers

Looking to purchase a home on a budget? We have you covered with low down payment options. Overcome the financial hurdle of a large down payment and access mortgage loan programs that fit your budget. Benefit from competitive rates and flexible loan terms to purchase the home you want without breaking the bank.

Investment Property Loans – Making Your Money Work

Unlock the potential of real estate investing with investment property loans. Finance the purchase of properties for rental income or future resale. Explore loan programs designed specifically for real estate investors. Maximize your investment returns with competitive rates and loan options. Grow your real estate portfolio with our experienced team.


Our Refinancing Loan Options

Looking to simplify the refinancing process? At Total Lending Concepts, we offer a variety of loan programs that fit your financial goals. Lower your interest rate, potentially saving money on your mortgage. Benefit from our team’s expertise throughout the refinancing journey. Explore our refinancing options today!

Traditional Refinance: Is it Right for You?

Considering a traditional refinance for your mortgage? Assess if it aligns with your financial goals and potentially lower your interest rate and monthly payments. Simplify the loan process with our experienced team, offering competitive rates and loan options. Is a traditional refinance right for you?

Cash-out Refinance: Turning Equity into Cash

Unlock the equity in your home by opting for a cash-out refinance. Use the funds obtained to finance home improvements, consolidate debt, or achieve other financial objectives. With competitive rates and multiple loan options available for cash-out refinancing, leverage the value of your home to secure the cash you need.

VA Loan Refinance: A Great Option for Veterans

As a veteran, you deserve the best financial support when it comes to homeownership. VA loan refinancing can be a great option for you. By refinancing your VA loan, you can potentially lower your interest rate and reduce your monthly mortgage payments. At Total Lending Concepts, our experienced team will simplify the loan process for you. Explore the available loan programs and discover the benefits of VA loan refinancing for veterans.

Begin your loan journey today!

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Dedicated to Success

At Total Lending Concepts, we understand the importance of excellent customer service. Our team of mortgage experts is dedicated to providing personalized attention and support throughout the loan process. Trust us to guide you step by step with reliable, responsive, and friendly service. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our Commitment to Timeliness

Rest assured, at Total Lending Concepts, we prioritize timeliness in the mortgage process. Benefit from our efficient loan processing system and count on us to keep the loan process on track. Trust us to understand the importance of meeting deadlines and closing dates, ensuring a smooth and timely loan closing experience.


Looking for a Trusted Mortgage Lender in Dallas, TX?

Choose Total Lending Concepts for a reliable mortgage lender in Dallas, TX. With competitive rates and exceptional customer service, our experienced team will guide you through the home loan process. Trust us to help you achieve your financial goals every step of the way.

Why is Total Lending Concepts the Right Choice for You?

Total Lending Concepts is the trusted mortgage lender in Dallas, TX. Offering a wide range of loan programs, including conventional, FHA, VA, and jumbo loans with competitive rates and closing costs. Experience excellent customer service and personalized loan options for a smooth home loan process.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of mortgage loans does Total Lending Concepts offer?

Total Lending Concepts offers a range of mortgage loans, such as conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA loans. They also provide jumbo loans for higher-priced homes and refinancing options. Consult with a Total Lending Concepts representative to determine the best loan option for your needs.

How long does the mortgage application process typically take?

The typical mortgage application process takes around 30-45 days. However, this timeframe can vary depending on factors such as your financial situation and the workload of the lender. To expedite the process, have all necessary documents ready and respond promptly to lender requests. Patience is key during this process.



If you’re in the market for a mortgage loan in Dallas, TX, look no further than Total Lending Concepts. Our reputation and trustworthiness in the industry make us the top choice for many homebuyers. With verified licensing and a team of professionals, we ensure that your mortgage experience is seamless and stress-free.

Not only do we offer a wide range of loan options for home purchases, including fixed-rate mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, and more, but we also provide refinancing options to help you make the most of your investment. Whether you’re looking to lower your monthly payments or cash out on your equity, we have the right solution for you.

But what sets us apart is our commitment to exceptional customer service. We understand the importance of timeliness and responsiveness, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

When it comes to choosing a trusted mortgage lender in Dallas, TX, Total Lending Concepts should be your first choice. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your homeownership dreams.

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